Happy Ending Massage in Mandalay

Although my blog is focusing on Yangon massage, spa and nightlife, but some of the blog readers requested me to write about Mandalay. So that I created this post to help them to find out some interesting places in Mandalay. I would like to start with a happy ending massage in Mandalay. In Mandalay, most of the happy ending service are provided at the spa based facility and only a few hotels accommodate happily ending massage in Yangon.

Hotel Wilson

This is the best and most cozy place to have oil massage service in Mandalay. Oil massage price is 25000 MMK per session, but you need to pay for additional service charge eg. BJ (Breast Job). Not every girls offer BJ service automatically, you have to negotiate with them. The service is provided at 2nd floor of the hotel. (Update: I heard it it is closed at the moment).

Royal Spa (39th Street, between 63th and 64th street)

It is not a hotel room, just a spa. So the room will note be as good as a hotel room. But there is bath room attached to all spa rooms. And rooms are clean. Most of the girls at Royal Spa are quite old and not very pretty. Price per session is 12000 Kyats. Depends on the girl, additional services are available. The cost may be extended to 30000 kyats if you ask for additional services. But most of the clients said that their additional service is really bad. (But because of the information limitation, I included this place in our list, may be probably removed later)

444 (MDY)

This spa has a good recommendation by its’ clients. It offers a reasonable price for all the service. It is situated back to the back of Shwe Phyu Hotel. HJ is available at 15000 MMK and also you can play their Boob at 15000 MMK. :). Oil massage price is 10000 MMK.

Address: Between 64 and 64 street, between 39 and 40 street,

Here are the additional list of happy ending massage in Mandalay. But I am not able to get detail review and feedback about them. If you have an update on them, please also let me know.

Dynasty at 81 street (Between 25 and 24th street)  One session 10000 MMK, JH 15000 MMK

Royal Mandalay (Beside the Ocean super center) One session 28000 MMK, Girl price is 30000 MMK (You can even have FJ there depend on your negotiation skill)

Sakura at 76th street (between 30 and 31 street) One session 10000 MMK, HJ 10000 MMK, FJ 30000 MMK

I see at 31 street (between 76 and 77 street) One session 10000 MMK, HJ 10000 MMK

7 flower at 77th street (Between 34 and 35 street) Oil 10000 MMK, HJ 10000 MMK

Aroma (Between 77 and 78 street, 32 and 33 street) Oil 10000, HJ 10000 MMK

Romantic at 43 street (between 63 and 64 street) Oil 10000, HJ 15000 MMK

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I admitted that this information are collected through my network from Mandalay, I haven’t tired anything myself. So you are advised to explore more by yourself before trying these places. I will update the list according to changes.

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27 thoughts on “Happy Ending Massage in Mandalay”

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  2. Dynasty seems to be under renovation, it’s currently closed.
    Couldn’t find Aroma, could you explain the location is a bit better (maybe it has closed?)
    Sakura and 7 flower are still there and operating as described.

    Could you add some more if you gained any information since then?

    1. Thanks.. I will look for more info: about Mandalay. As I am based in Yangon, it is quite difficult for me to get Mandalay real time data. But I will reach out through my informers.

    1. None of them has a sign and their entrance look shady, but you will see someone chilling at the entrance.
      Sakura: shady entrance, the guy immediately knew what I wanted. Paid 10k and was brought upstairs. Room was quite old, TV was on, mattress was old, and ashtray on the side. A lady came, which Id rate 5/10 (she wasn’t too old, mid 30’s but not very Tin).
      Got an oil massage for 30min and little bit of teasing before being asked what I wanted. Chose FJ, she didn’t do anything but seemed to appreciate, which is nice I guess. Wasn’t a very satisfying experience overall.
      7 flowers have similar features, though the room was a bit better. Looks like you are entering a garage at first though. Same scenario, longer massage and longer teasing (because no FJ on the menu there), was offered hj at the end but declined so can’t tell about it (not worth it imo, by exp I know i do it better myself lol). Girl was better looking there and friendly.

      Also, I went to 444 since then, the place is operating as described above. Experience was the same as in 7 flowers, though teasing was better than at 7 flowers.

      Sakura is the shaddiest, but more service available. 7 flowers had the better looking and friendliest masseuse (at least mine). 444 had the best teasing.
      Hope it helps

  3. Wilson Hotel is running as described. Great little place, very clean. When twice during a recent trip and massage skill is highly dependent on the individual massues. Price is 32,000 for an hour and a half oil massage. HJ available, negotiate with massues directly.

  4. Aroma is that address with small street near the The Rock Bar. But the Hj price up to 15000 Ks and some girls are rude and have poor massage.

  5. I juste have been to seven flowers (you really need the map because there is no indication). A boy bring me to the room (I was quite afraid that he will massage me) which was OK. A very nice looking young girl came (about 20 yo) and massage me. Massage was poor but hj was great (maybe the greatest I had since now in Asia). Price are still 10000 + 10000 k

  6. Update as on October 2019. I went to 3 spas in Mandalay. Mandalay spas seemed to be cheaper than Yangon.
    1. 7 flowers – 10k + 10k. Young therapist. No English. Wouldn’t even try to make communication. Seemed too disinterested. Took a hj.
    2. 444 – 11k + 10k. Young therapist. No English. Was better than the therapist at 7 flowers. Took a hj.
    3. Hotel Wilson – 24k. Young, pint size and cute therapist. Extremely friendly. Sang a few burmese songs for me. Asked for 30k for a hj and 70k for b2b. I wasn’t quite interested in extras, so just gave a tip of 10k for the nice massage.

  7. Wilson is permanently closed
    Dynasty is closed, didn’t find it
    Tried Spa at Marvel hotel, 26K for oil massage, girl was cute but no English at all. She offered HJ at 40k, hard to negotiate since she did not understand any word, but she also didn’t want to undress. HJ was average. Place was clean over all.

    1. Spa at Marvel hotel is on the 4th floor. Nice clean room with shower. As mentioned before 26,000 for 1 hour oil massage. Girl was ok looking. Maybe early 30s on the heavier side. Started with good massage with no teasing. Flip, she is up for anything. No English, but with help of fingers we agreed to 60,000 for FS. She was pleasant and active, I just wish she was 20 lbs lighter. For $60 not a bad deal in clean place. Make sure to carry protection. None where available.

  8. I am staying next to Sakura Spa. Well, it is just a cheap hotel, nothing spa about it. I walked in, told guy outside that I an here for spa. He took me several stair cases up into a hotel room. Ash tray durty. Hard bed with questionable linens. Waiting for 15 minutes. Guy asked for 20,000, i said I wanted to see girl first. Finally girl shows up. 5/10, long hair, but not very young and not really good looking. I said no thanks. He said I can get another girl. I said maybe tomorrow and walked out.

    If place was nicer and cleaner, girl may be passable. Didn’t feel right.

  9. ORANGE SPA and TWINKLE SPA is still open.Twinkle spa = oil massage 15,000 kyat. HJ 20,000 kyat. Orange Spa = oil massage 14,000 kyat. HJ 20,000. Twinkle spa is new building and clean.

  10. Feb 2024
    Twinkle Spa, now named like Classic Spa.
    Everething works.
    Rooms are clean (inside 2 towels, water, tv, etc)
    Oil Massage – 18000 MMK
    HJ- 30000 MMK
    Touch BBS + 30000 MMK
    Undress + 130000 MMK

    Massage is 3/5
    HJ 3+/5

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