Why Most of the Massage in Yangon are Named as Spa?

“Massage”! It might be an ordinary word for you but in Myanmar, it is a bit more complicated. When people in Myanmar hear the word “massage”, they immediately think that it might be a front for prostitution ring. Most of the prostitution rings have massage parlors as a front because prostitution is still illegal in Myanmar. Therefore, people consider massage as a prostitution business and it becomes a bad word. You cannot know if the massage parlor is clean or not just by looking from the outside. When the people see massage on the sign board, they usually misunderstand it with a place for sex trade. This is the reason why most of the clean massage in Yangon are named as “Spa” or “Day Spa”.

It is not just in Myanmar that massage parlors are related to the prostitution rings. When a country illegalizes prostitution, opening a massage parlor is the popular method to cover the illicit sex trades. In Yangon, police shut down many massage parlors and arrest the prostitutes under the state’s anti-sex trafficking law.

Since many of the massage in Yangon are named as spa, they provide most of the basic spa treatment. The most popular spa treatment are massage, facial, body treatment, pedicure and manicure. Those spas are usually quite pricy, and they only hire professional and experienced service providers. You will enjoy the friendly environment and satisfying service at the luxurious spas in Yangon. Spas in Yangon are also well known for having a homely atmosphere.

How can you find massage in Yangon?

You can easily find the fancy luxurious spas online because most of them have their own websites. We also provide directory of massage and spa in Yangon on this website. It is best that you make a call to make an appointment before you go. Most of the time, some of the popular spas are full with customers. You might even be able to find a spa at your hotel if you are staying at a luxury hotel.

Some of the massage parlors are not named as Spa but they are clean massage parlors. The owner of those clean massage parlors clearly state that they only provide massage therapy in front of the shop. The clean massage parlors don’t open till late at night and usually close around 7pm to 10pm. Most of the time, those kind of clean massage parlors are in good neighborhoods. You can get massage service at some big beauty salons in Yangon; such as Tony Tun Tun, and Lilly.

Therefore, when you are in Yangon and desperate to find a massage parlor, search for a spa. Or, you can ask the hotel staffs to recommend you a nice and clean massage parlor. And, be careful and don’t just walk inside a massage parlor without observing it, especially at night.

facial massage in Yangon
facial massage in one of the spa in Yangon


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