Differences between Yangon girls and Mandalay girls

Yangon and Mandalay are two of Myanmar’s most prominent cities and there are so many differences between this two cities. Yangon has more urban attractions but Mandalay has more myriad historical and cultural attractions, religious shrines and sceneries. Not just the two cities have the differences but also the ladies from Yangon and Mandalay are also different. Basically, all girls are the same. There are a few differences between Yangon girls and Mandalay girls.

Night out

Yangon girls usually have night out but Mandalay girls don’t. This is not because Yangon girls enjoy night out more than Mandalay girls. Mandalay is not popular with night out because most of the shops and restaurants close before midnight. There are only a couple of night-clubs that open till morning, so there is no girls night out in Mandalay. Mandalay is not really safe for girls to night out as well. Unlike Yangon, Mandalay is not active anymore after 10PM and only the drunk motorcycle gangs occupy the streets.

Yangon Girl in modern outfit
Yangon Girl using mobile phone with modern outfit

Bicycling and motorbike riding skills

Since motorbike and bicycle are not allowed on Yangon streets, most of the Yangon city girls cannot even ride bicycle. Mandalay is also known as motorbike city, therefore most of the Mandalay girls can ride both bicycle and motorbike. Yangon girls have to rely on the city buses, cars, taxies and walking for travelling around the city. So, there is no chance for them to use bicycle or motorbikes.


If you google Mandalay Girls, you will find girls in traditional dress more than when you google Yangon girls. Yangon girls also wear traditional dresses but many of them prefer to wear modern clothing. Yangon girls mostly wear traditional dresses to ceremony or when there is special occasion. In Mandalay, girls prefer to wear traditional dresses to work, school, or anywhere. Mandalay girls also wear modern clothing but you will see more girls in traditional dresses in Mandalay compare to Yangon.

Mandalay girl in Myanmar outfit
Typical Mandalay Girl in Myanmar outfit

Skin color

Mandalay is very hot and sunny most of the year, therefore Mandalay girls have darker skin compare to Yangon girls. The brownish skin color that Mandalay girls possess is very beautiful and western girls would envy for it. Yangon is not as sunny as Mandalay and most of the streets are covered with the shadows from tall buildings. Therefore, Yangon girls have lighter skin but not too light as western girls.

Mandalay girls use Kya Naw instead of Kya Ma

In Myanmar language, pronoun I, me, my, mine have gender differences. When the man say “I”, they say “ Kya Naw” and when the women say “I”, they say “Kya Ma”. But, Mandalay girls use “Kya Naw” instead of “Kya Ma”. Local people can easily tell if the girl is from Mandalay or Yangon by listening to the use of pronoun.

This is the most prominent observational difference between Yangon girls and Mandalay Girls.


Above facts are based on typical Burmese girls from Yangon and Mandalay. Nowadays, both in Yangon and Mandalay, there are many mixed blooded people especially from China. These mixed blooded girls may have difference appearance and difference lifestyle from typical Burmese girls.

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