Waxing spa in Yangon

waxing spas in Yangon

It is important to be clean and waxing can definitely help you with that. If you are a fan of waxing, we have good-news that there are many waxing spas in Yangon. Exfoliating effect on skin after waxing is quite addictive. Self-waxing is possible but it is safer to do waxing with professionals in order to prevent unnecessary infection. Waxing can also slower re-growth and thinner re-growth, therefore it is one of the most suitable way for busy women. Here is our list of spas that offer A-grade waxing service in Yangon.

Reveal – international Standard Hair Removal

Reveal is a luxury and pricy hair removal salon, and it is only for girl. They provide quality service and their hygiene guidelines will definitely impress you. All of the staffs are professionals and well-trained, and each staff has received over 6 months training. If you are looking for a international standard hair removal salon, Reveal is the right place for you. The prices are 50,000 Kyats for full legs + armpits, 38,000 Kyats for Brazilian.

Address : 11/A, 7 Quarter, Pannita Road, Yangon

Yangon Sanctuary Spa

There are three branches of Yangon Sanctuary Spa and they are located at three different malls in Yangon. Yangon Sanctuary Spa is one of the most popular spa in Yangon and they take waxing seriously. The beauticians are well-trained and the hygienic waxing service is very satisfying. This spa is an another expensive luxurious spa in Yangon and their service quality is worth the price. The prices are 12,000 Kyats for underarm, 22,000 for lower legs, and 40,000 for Brazilian waxing.

Address: City Mall St. John, Tawin Center – Level 3, Myanmar Plaza – Level 2.

Nature Spa and clinic

Nature-Spa is quite far from downtown but it worth the visit because the quality of their service is international standard. The staffs are friendly and the family-like atmosphere will help you feel less pain while waxing. The prices are 12,000 Kyats for underarm, 15,000 Kyats for lower legs, and 45,000 Kyats for Brazilian waxing.

Address: No 1A/7, Myin Thar 11th street, South Okkalapa, yangon

Hera Spa

Hera has clean and cozy environment and they use high quality products and refined techniques for all of their services. The beauticians are professionals and well-trained to provide quality waxing service for the ladies. The prices of Hera’s waxing services are 12,000Kyats for underarm, 15,000Kyats for lower legs, and 35,000Kyats for Brazilian waxing.

Address: Tawin Center – Level 3

Myan Salon & Wellness

Myan Salon offers wide range of basic spa services and waxing as well. From armpit to bikini waxing, Myan got it all covered. If you are tired of razors and wish to enjoy exfoliation-effect on skin, Myan is the best choices for you. The prices are 18,000Kyats for underarm, 20,000Kyats for lower legs, 35,000Kyats for full legs, and 35,000Kyats for bikini waxing.

Address : 53 Moe Kaung road, Yankin, Yangon

Heart’s Ease

Heart Ease beauty spa provide variety of waxing services. This spa will make sure to slower the regrowth and thinner the regrowth of your body hair. The waxing service fees are quite reasonable and affordable. The prices are 6000Kyats for underarm, 12,000kyats for lower-legs, 18,000kyats for full legs, 12,000kyats for hands, and 15,000kyats for bikini-waxing.

Address: 65 (D), Nagar Young Kyaung Road, near Kabaraye Pagoda, Myangone, Yangon.

This is our list of waxing spas in Yangon and we will continually update this article if we get more information.

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