presents for Burmese girls

Chic, Cheap and Cool Presents to bring for a Burmese Girl

If you have a Burmese-girlfriend or you are looking for a girl to hook-up, bringing presents would be a good-idea. When you go to club or massage parlor, giving a cute-gift will help you get a cute girl easily. Or, if you already have a Burmese girlfriend, bringing a present back from your country is a must. At some point, the spectrum of gifts will say “Hey girl, what’s up?” and “Do you wanna hang out?”. Choosing such a great gift is quite difficult, especially for men. Here are the chic, cheap, and cool presents to bring for a Burmese Girl.

Hot or cute t-shirt

Clothing gifts are always a good idea if you wish to give a girl. If you are looking for a girl to hook-up from the club or massage-parlor, hot t-shirts will work the magic. You should also choose t-shirts with cute printings or t-shirts with heart printings. You can easily find such kind of t-shirts with cheap-prices and they won’t take so much space in your luggage.

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Perfumes are small but powerful gifts and girls love to get new scents. These day, women prefer floral scents and fruity scents perfumes. Better not buy perfumes with every strong smells. The fruity perfumes from the Body Shop are very popular among girls and quite cheap as well. You can slip a small perfume bottle in your pocket on your night-out or for the romantic-dinner with your girlfriend.

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Fancy jewelry

Some fancy bracelets or necklaces will definitely melt the heart of a girl. Try to buy simple but attractive designs. Or, you can buy some cute looking lockets for the necklaces. Earrings are also another good jewelry that girls love. Make sure you buy the fancy jewelry with a proper boxes which will make the fancy jewelry look expensive.

Cute key-chains

You can choose popular puppet key-chains or fancy looking key-chains as a gift. You can bring 4 or 5 pieces with cheap prices and they will come in handy when you need. Key chains with your country flag or famous landmarks of your country are also good choices.

Small piece of cosmetic

Any type of cosmetic will make a girl happy and Burmese girls love foreign made cosmetics. A piece of lipstick, a make-up cushion, a hair-spray bottle, a nail polish, or an eye-liner can be good choices. Some skin care products are also popular among girls and skin whitening products are also good choices for a gift.

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Watches always look expensive no matter how cheap it is. A pieces of beautiful watch costs as low as $5. Choose watches with soft colors which suit with any skin colors. Buy a proper box to put the watch in to make it look more expensive and attractive.

Small purse

There are a number of things that make small purses downright awesome gifts. They are cheap, cute, and useful. They come in wide range of hip prints and colors, so picking one out is really easy. They are one of those incredibly useful gifts for a girl and she will fall in love with it. You may also choose small purse with string which girls in Myanmar prefer.

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Since Myanmar is a very sunny country, Sunglasses are very useful for the locals. So, if you pick a cute and chic sunglasses for a girl in Myanmar, she will definitely love it. Metal polarized cat eye sunglasses are women’s favorite and you can get them in cheap price.

Gifts for Professional Burmese Women

You need to be careful when choosing for professional women. Appropriate gifts include office supplies, travel supplies, and stationaries. Bluetooth speakers are cheap and professional looking gifts.

You should not give fancy jewelry, cosmetic, or any gifts that are flirtatious for a professional Burmese women. Instead, choose fancy leather journal for them and those are very thoughtful gifts. Moreover, you should buy a fancy jewelry container instead of buying cheap jewelry for them. A box of chocolates, sweets is always a good gift as well.

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