Two beautiful Myanmar girls

Useful Burmese Phrases to express your love to Myanmar Girls

If you plan to travel to Myanmar and have a plan to date with Myanmar girls, you need to know how to get in touch with them. You can read my another post about “How to meet with Myanmar girl on your trip to Myanmar” to meet with a girl from Club and Restaurants. You may probably go straight to them for dating and you will not face any problem. You don’t need to know some useful Burmese phrases to communicate with them.

But if you are thinking to meet with a girl not from Club or Restaurants, you should use other tactics. As I wrote in other post that Myanmar girls rarely use online dating websites, but they are fans of social media especially Facebook. So taking this advantage to get to know with Myanmar girls on social media and make friend with them. You can even do it before you arrive to Myanmar.

You have to be active enough on Facebook, you should use your real profile with your pictures. You need to explore where can you meet with Myanmar Facebook users. There are several Facebook Groups (Yangon Connections, Yangon Expat Network etc) which are composed of members from both local and foreign community. You can also find other useful information about Myanmar in this group. But don’t go and post about “I am looking for Myanmar girl” in this group. You will get banned.

In these groups, most local members can also communicate in English well, so you will not face any barrier to communicate in these groups. But if you go beyond these groups and expand your network to other Myanmar Facebook users, you may need to know some Myanmar common Burmese phrase to communicate with them. They will also appreciate you if you can speak (type) Burmese phrases. I am not going to teach you these phrases as you can google by yourself.

But what I am going to teach you is Burmese words to express your love and interest to a girl. Sounds interesting???

Two beautiful Myanmar girls
Two Myanmar girls playing water during Thingyan

Phrases related with expression of Love

So lovely (Chit sayar kaung dal)

I love you (min ko chit dal)

Phrases related with expression of beautiful

(1) You are so beautiful (ah yan hla dal)

(2) You are beautiful (hla dal)

(3) You are so pretty (ah yan chaw dal)

(4) You are pretty (chaw dal)

(5) You are so cute. (Same with so lovely). (Chit sayar kaung dal)

Phrases related with activities

(1) Have you finished lunch, dinner? (sar pee pi lah)

(2) Let’s go to the coffee shop. (coffee twar taut ma lah)

(3) Let’s go to the cinema. (yote shin kyi ma lah)

Phrase related with location

(1) Where do you live? (bal nar nay lal)

(2) Where is it? (bal nar lal)

Other common phrase

(1) Can we meet outside? (ah pyin mar tway loh ya ma lah)

(2) Can I make a video call? (video call pyaw loh ya ma lah)

(3) Can I be your friend? ( khin loh ya ma lah)

I think that with above words, you can communicate well with Myanmar girls. It will also help you to copy and paste in chat box while talking with them. Easy Stuff??

If you would like to know more about Burmese words, leave comment here or send email to [email protected]

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